Prepare Your Antique Car For A Classic Car Show

If you own an antique car and would like to display it in a classic car show, the vehicle will draw attention from guests and you could potentially become the winner of a trophy or another prize if the car contains no signs of visible damage and has a clean exterior and interior. The steps below can be used to conceal a scratch on one of the doors. When finished, wash and wax the car and add some vintage accessories to the vehicle to improve the car's appearance. Read More 

How Roadside Assistance Helps Seniors During Christmas

Seniors who enjoy driving themselves to their family's homes during Christmas shouldn't be afraid of being stranded due to a dead car battery. Thankfully, roadside assistance can help in these potentially life-threatening situations. Why Winter Weather Can Drain A Battery During the winter, extremely cold temperatures will severely drain a battery's charge. What can be surprising is that below zero temperature can drain a battery by as much as 50 percent. Read More 

Got A Dent In Your Bumper? Three Reasons Why You Should Let An Auto Body Repair Shop Remove The Damage

Following a minor car accident, you may have a small dent in your bumper. If this is the only damage that is present, and you were at fault for the accident, you may be thinking about pulling the dent out yourself, rather than filing a claim with your auto insurance company. However, there are many benefits to filing a claim and letting a professional auto body repair shop remove the dent. Read More 

4 Benefits Of An On-Site Mobile Fleet Maintenance And Repair Service

When you think about having your company's fleet of commercial vehicles maintained and repaired, you might think about taking them to a local shop. In fact, you might even have a shop in mind that you generally work with. A better option can be to use a mobile service that will travel and work on your vehicles on-site, however. These are a few reasons why. 1. Save Time Transporting your fleet back and forth to the mechanic shop can be quite time-consuming. Read More