3 Reasons You Need a Professional to Replace Your Window Tint

An automotive window tint can be a practical and aesthetic choice for nearly any car. Window tints look sleek and attractive, and they also protect your car's interior and reduces the load on your vehicle's HVAC system. Unfortunately, window tinting requires proper installation, and a poorly installed tint can become ugly and ineffective with age.

If your car has an old, amateur tint job that's beginning to fail, then you may be thinking about replacing it yourself. While tinting windows may not seem like complicated work, there's more to it than meets the eye. Below you'll find three reasons why you should rely on a professional tint shop to replace your vehicle's peeling, bubbling, fading, or aging tint.

1. The Tint May Be Inaccessible

Although professionals may sometimes install tint without removing door panels or trim, amateurs often find this process difficult or outright impossible. If the trim on your car extends to the very edges of the glass, then it may be challenging to begin pulling it away without disassembling portions of your vehicle. In some cases, you may need to remove door panels or windshield trim.

In addition, you may not be able to reach these areas and clean away the old adhesive and adequately prepare your glass for a new window film. Failing to take these steps ensures that your new window tint will not look professional and may begin to bubble or peel soon after it is installed.

2. Preparation Work Is Everything

Have you ever heard that preparation is the most critical part of any paint job? The same holds true for window tints. Installing a tint on the improperly prepared glass will often result in a final product that looks unprofessional and may not have the durability you expect. Any dust, dirt, or debris on your window can potentially ruin the window film application.

When replacing a tint, preparation is even more crucial. Professionals will know how to remove old adhesive thoroughly to create a clean, smooth surface for your new window tint.

3. Tools Matter

Removing old film isn't like peeling a sticker away from a piece of glass. You will need to carefully protect the surrounding surfaces, use a heat source to melt the old adhesive, and ultimately peel away the film with a tool that won't damage your glass. Although none of these tools are expensive, knowing how to use them effectively takes skill and experience.

Replacing an old window tint can make your vehicle more attractive and comfortable while also increasing its resale value, but it's essential to handle this process the right way. A professional will remove your old tint while also ensuring that that your new window tint film is installed properly. To learn more, visit a window tinting professional in your area.