Should You Add an APU to Your Used Semi-Truck Purchase?

Today's trucks are loaded up with the latest electronics and convenience features. Even an older semi-truck can find itself loaded with a broad range of aftermarket gadgets and other digital goodies—all of which require a reliable source of power. Auxiliary power units, also known as APUs, offer that power without keeping the main truck engine on idle for hours at a time. As you look for the right used semi-truck for your hauling needs, you'll want to learn more about how these accessories can make your new-to-you truck a more pleasant place to live in. Read More 

The Qualities of an Excellent Auto Body Shop

Before choosing an auto body shop in Fort Myers, you should make a few key considerations to help you pick the right one. Choosing an auto body shop is a lot like choosing a doctor - you always want to attain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you've picked the right one. You're also entering into a relationship that puts you in a vulnerable position. Unless you're a mechanic yourself, you won't necessarily know if you're getting taken advantage of. Read More